Remarkable RecoveryI wanted to capture for posterity the remarkable change that I experienced this weekend as a result of your treatment. As you know I hobbled into your clinic on Saturday with a pulled groin and was very low on energy and inspiration as a result of my physical ailment. An hour later I walked out pain free but still aware that I had no right to expect to be fully fixed. That evening, against all advice, including yours and my own, I played indoor soccer in a charity event and although I was not at 100% I experienced no ill effects. If anything I regressed to a state that was still far more functional and less painful than before treatment. I literally could not believe the change that you had caused with 8 or 9 needles and an hour. I understand why you would do so but I think that you under play the power of your work. In this case it was not far short of a miracle. Many thanks for the work that you do. –Rupert Whiting, Business Coach

When Scott joined our group I was very excited. The concept of acupuncture always intrigued me. Over the last year Scott has helped with my sore shoulder, my outbreak of shingles, my sudden changes in body temperature resulting in my own personal summers and most recently my allergies, sinus issues and aches in my body after running a half marathon. I enjoy his happy disposition, his thorough approach to any condition and the wonderful hour of relaxation I get when I go to his office. I would not hesitate to refer Scott to others and have already done so with them passing on the same results and opinions of his services. Thank you Scott for making my life happier and healthy! You are the bloke, when you need a poke! –Bonnie Beaman

I have a story about my fear of needles that basically talks to a time when I made more fuss about needing 5 stitches than a colleague needed for 2 bullet holes in his arm. Needles and me do not go together. In the past I have had acupuncturists have to resort merely to acupressure I was too tense to get the needles in. But Scott has made the experience of acupuncture not only far less onerous than in the past but the results make returning to him a no-brainer. My Achilles tendon inflammation has reduced to the point where I barely notice it, my stress levels are lower and my movement in my upper back is much greater. My wife also gets treated by Scott and she finds the effects wonderful too. We are both relieved when the other has been for a session of acupuncture with Scott. If you have any of the ailments that Scott can treat (and let's face it, who doesn't have at least one of them) then I suggest that you tap up your benefits provider and go for a series of sessions. You will thank me and him when you do. –Rupert Whiting, Business Coach

Scott is professional through and through. On top of being a master of his craft, he is a good person. He is smart, attentive and humorous. All of that comes through during a session with him. After just four sessions of acupuncture with Scott, my shoulder felt better than it had in a long time and I am now back to enjoying my favourite activities. For anyone who is in need of healing their body for sport or just wellbeing, I absolutely would recommend Scott. –Sam McQueen, BCRPA CPT

I just wanted to share with you that although I was slightly skeptical I was confident that the treatment would help somewhat well, last night, I do not remember tossing and turning even once – I did not wake up with any aches or pains.  My wife also mentioned that she felt well rested she’s probably being disturbed by my restlessness during sleep.  I’m quite pleased with the result. –C.S.

Thanks so much for helping us bring baby Riley into the world quickly and safely.  Angie went into labor shortly after her visit with you and about 18 hours later he was born.  We are all so happy to have this little addition to our family and are glad you could share in the experience. –Tamara Lorette

As a competitive dancer, I am impressed with the value acupuncture provides to keep me in top physical shape and with Scott's professionalism and the quality of his patient care. Scott is thorough, attentive, detailed oriented and exemplifies the type of approach one expects from a medical professional. Scott watches over his patients with diligence and asks questions to ensure their care is optimized. His sense of humour is refreshing and provides a relaxing aspect to the treatment. My treatments have helped relieve muscle pain, providing increased energy and freedom of movement, and on one occasion, minimizing the symptoms of a common head cold. Even days after a session with Scott, I find myself more relaxed, with more energy and improved ability to perform at a high physical level. I recommend Scott to anyone who wants to maximise their health, and especially to athletes who, through the nature of their active lifestyle, need to keep their muscles in top condition at all times. –George Pytlik, professional DanceSport Athlete